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Eastern Concrete Materials: Value Added Products

Eastern Concrete supplies custom mixes, specialty products and solutions that can help developers and architects meet their project challenges, and reduce their overall construction costs. These mixes include environmentally friendly, low carbon concrete products designed for indoor or outdoor applications. The assortment of specialty products makes U.S. Concrete the right choice for professionals who require quality concrete products whose performance surpasses their traditional counterparts.

Specialty Concrete ARIDUS® 
Rapid Drying Concrete
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Architectural Concrete Colored Concrete Learn More
Pervious Concrete Pavements Pervious Concrete Learn More
Accelerate Concrete Setting Time SITE-SET™
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Concrete Set Time Control SITE-FRESH™ Learn More
Fast and Efficient Fill Applications SITE-FILL™ Learn More
Improved Performance and Productivity FLOW-N-GO™Disperse easily into tight spots and through complicated reinforcement, consolidate on its own, while eliminating “bug holes” and voids, requiring little to no vibration.
Water Proof Concrete HYCRETE W1000™
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